Government Case Studies

Yen Ling Chen, CPA
Finance Manager at Synchronicity
Raffa P.C. CPA Firm

Organization: Yen Ling Chen, CPA Solution: ScanWriter

Business Challenge: Yen Ling Chen, CPA, is at an accounting firm that is responsible for bookkeeping, tax returns and compiling reports for their clients. The firm and their clients use QuickBooks for data entry. Their diverse client base ranges monthly, quarterly and annually. However, the monthly clients are majority. Statements range from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, East West Bank, and many more.

The staff of Yen Ling Chen, CPA manually entered transactions into QuickBooks and found it time consuming. One of their biggest clients has 200+ transactions on average and it would take approximately two or three hours to reconcile the month. Due to a large work load and many hours needed for data entry the firm would occasionally have to hire a new employee to help.

Manual data entries lead to mistakes and duplicate transactions. The firm was looking for a solution to save time and increase accuracy so they would not have to double check the data after they had entered the transactions.

Solution: ScanWriter

Yen Ling Chen, CPA, has found ScanWriter to be the solution. ScanWriter automates the data entry by scanning in the documents and entering the transactions strait into QuickBooks automatically.

ScanWriter also eliminates the risk of duplicate data entry with its ability to check for duplicate transactions.

ScanWriter saves time from the revision and editing needed for manually entered data. With accuracy and efficiency, ScanWriter helps reconcile statements in minutes rather than hours.

Yen Ling Chen, CPA recommends Personable’s ScanWriter. She said, “Something that could save me time and more accurate so I don’t have to double check the work…is great and [ScanWriter] enters in the transactions for me.”

Organization: Finance Manager at Synchronicity Solution: SourceLink

Business Challenge: Michelle Marsh is a full-time volunteer who is a Treasure and Finance Manager of a non-profit organization called Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality in Faber, Virginia. This organization was established 24 years ago in 1983 and it has served the community as a non-profit religious educational meditation retreat center. As the finance manager, Michelle was dealing with an audit trail of documents to back up transactions in her QuickBooks, and she desperately needed an electronic place to store documents so they were easily retrievable and secure. Before choosing SourceLink, Michelle handled a heavy work load such as taking care of insurance requirements of back up documents like images, warranties and invoices kept in Accounts Payable and she had to back track a hard copy somewhere in a computer folder to limit access. She was growing tired of this routine of managing piles of documents.

This routine consumed a lot of time and stress, especially in a non-profit environment with a small amount of staff members around. On top of that, since it was a non-profit organization, the company could not afford the time and money to spend on all the filing, saving and retrieving of documents which are worth hiring an extra employee. Hence, Michelle urgently needed an affordable, cost effective and easy to use electronic document management software to cut the cost, energy and time spent on doing all the document managing.

Solution: SourceLink

SourceLink was the solution and the answer to her electronic document management needs. After a comprehensive research, Michelle chose SourceLink and there are many significant factors to her decision making. Firstly, seamless integration with QuickBooks made her choose SourceLink. She states that, “QuickBooks being the authority database and SourceLink is so well integrated and it is real time – synchronized, which is exactly what we have primarily been looking for.” Michelle is also very impressed with the simplicity and powerful aspects of SourceLink with the ease of learning it and using it. She says that it was so easy to use that she was able to use it from the minute she downloaded without even receiving a tutorial.

Business Benefits: One of the major benefits Michelle states of SourceLink is saving a tremendous amount of time. The amount of time put in to get things done is 1/10 of the time she used to spend searching for files, not to mention scanning, saving and putting it away in the cabinets. Michelle also mentions that SourceLink even reduced her stress level by never having to rush to get things done since all paperwork is available electronically within two clicks of the mouse. In terms of financial benefits and savings, SourceLink provided the kind of efficiency and solution that substitutes a fulltime volunteer staff for Michelle and her organization. Simply put, Michelle states that “SourceLink lets you create an efficient, inexpensive, beyond finance kind of integration solution for your QuickBooks. Everything is scanned and available in front of your eyes. This is the kind of integration that we have primarily been looking for.” Michelle also compliments that she is pleased with Personable’s level of customer service and its hospitality at tradeshows and conferences. She tells that “The staff is very friendly and acknowledgeable. Nice presentation of products and I will be considering SourceLink Management Edition to step onto the next level.”

Organization: RAFFA P.C, CPA Firm Solution: ScanWriter

Business Challenge: As part of Raffa’s Forensic Accounting Service division, Leslie Kirsh and her colleagues are inundated with several years’ worth of financial documents, such as bank statements, from clients.

In order to provide detailed and accurate analysis of financials, information off of financial documents

needs to be transposed into a user friendly format. The amount of work needed for each client or case was enormous, ranging from 2-5 years’ worth of documentation that needs to be compiled.

Kirsh was also confronted with the need for accuracy in financial analysis in order to provide accurate updates on the financial wellbeing of a client or organization. The amount of time spent transposing information and verifying accuracy led to increased costs for her clients.

As the manager of the Raffa’s Forensic Accounting Service, Kirsh needed to find a cost effective way to decrease the amount of time that was being spent on each project. With the reduction of time spent, not only did the staff become more efficient, the cost associated with each project has been reduced as well.

Solution: In order to help increase time savings and reduce costs, Kirsh selected Scanwriter from Personable. By utilizing ScanWriter, Kirsh is able to reduce the time spent on each client dramatically. Previously, time spend entering statements could take up to 1 hour per statement. With ScanWriter, the average time spent per statement can be reduced to less than 5 minutes. Not only is it easy to create the files needed for analysis, the user friendly layout allows Raffa’s staff to easily verify the accuracy of the data.

The accuracy of data is a top priority in cases of fraud investigations and forensic accounting cases. With the easy to use interface, not only is the accuracy verified before exporting, Raffa no longer needs to spend additional time double checking the work again for accuracy.

Business Benefits: Since adopting ScanWriter, Raffa’s Forensic Accounting Service is able to decrease the time spent on each client dramatically while providing the same level of high quality service. With ScanWriter, Raffa is able to employ a cost effective tool which grants employees additional time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

With over 90% of their clients as non-profits, the cost savings provided by ScanWriter also translates to costs savings for their clients. The reduction of costs to both Raffa and their clients is just another benefit that ScanWriter provides.

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