Government Testimonials

“Scanwriter does an amazing job of recognizing data from bank statements, and integrating with QuickBooks to allow for memorization and automatic coding of recurring transactions. Personable also has a great customer service team which is very responsive and understands the sense of urgency required in the accounting profession. I highly recommend this software to bookkeepers and accountants who do a significant volume of client backwork from bank statements.”
-Jackie Compton, CPA Compton Accounting, LLC.

“… Now the bookkeeping side of practice can realize some of the fantastic time savings…and Personable is leading the way with its elegantly designed and implemented ScanWriter product,”
-Greg LaFollette, CPA, CITP.

“ScanWriter is a MUST HAVE for QuickBooks users.”
-Brian Smith, CPA

“ScanWriter has provided us effective and easy solution to manage efficiency. We no longer need to take hours entering hundreds of transactions one-by-one. ScanWriter really cuts down the time. They are at our finger tips for saving time and money.”

-Danielle Penn, Hatten Holdings Inc.

“SourceLink is an Accountant’s dream come true.”
– Ronald Aho, CPA

“SourceLink saves time and storage space. It gives multiple users access to the same source documents in QuickBooks.”
– Margaret Coleman, CPA

“This affordable QuickBooks add-on is a great way for small businesses to get into document management. In addition to linking a file of any type that has an associated program that can display it, this tool also has the ability to add “sticky notes” using the “MyNotes” and “Hot Notes” features to a QuickBooks record (many transactions and lists).”
– Bonnie J Nagayama, CPA

“We use SourceLink with QuickBooks to link contracts to customers and vendors, loan documents to liability accounts, and board minutes to significant transactions. Easy to use and no paper files to search.”
– Jim Stevens, On-Call Accounting

“Thank you for the prompt response! I really appreciate it!”
– Rosa Yan, Kiyohara + Takahashi, CPA’s

“It takes 5-10 minutes to upload. If I manually entered the transaction it would take an hour”
– Yen Ling Chen, CPA

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