Government Overview

Professional Data Entry Automation for Federal, State and Local Agencies

Document driven processing requires highly skilled personnel, as accuracy and timeliness are paramount. As government funding tightens, agencies are stretched thin and maintaining project workload can seem impossible.

ScanWriter by Personable, Inc. offers the industry-leading automated data entry solution by enhancing accuracy, speed and scalability for projects requiring extensive data entry.

This solution quickly turns PDF documents into usable MS Excel or CSV files in minutes. See how it works.

With ScanWriter, you will have the confidence to support your agency’s core competencies where data integrity is most critical – Audits, Financial, Payment, and Lifestyle Analyses, Investigations, and more.

Discover how ScanWriter can significantly reduce piles of paperwork for any type of computer-generated document, such as Bank Statements, Tax Forms, Invoices, Accounting Records, HUD-1, Vouchers, and more.

To See more ways to use ScanWriter, see Software Specs for ScanWriter’s Document Library of Financial Institution statements. Don’t see one you need listed? We can create a custom one for you!

You can put ScanWriter to the test and see the benefits firsthand, contact a ScanWriter Specialist.

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